Frequently Asked Questions

How should I ask for help or report a bug?
You can write to a QuantLib mailing list and describe your problem. If it is a compilation problem, please provide info about your operating system, compiler and Boost version as well as details on the error. If the test suite fails, please report the output obtained by executing it with the following command line options:
    --log_level=messages --build_info=yes --result_code=no --report_level=short
If you built the library successfully but you're getting weird results when using it, try to provide steps to reproduce the problem.

A note on posting. If you're starting a new topic, please use whatever command your mail client provides to start a new message; do not reply to another unrelated post (or worse, a digest) and change the subject. Replying can cause your message to appear in the wrong thread in the mailing list archive and in mail clients that support threads. This brings inconvenience on a number of people—possibly including you, as your message might be overlooked by people not interested in the original topic.

Is it OK to email a QuantLib developer directly to ask questions, or seek help, or report a bug?
You can do it, but it will fail to carry the sense of urgency you might have hoped to convey—and the developer is likely to answer you "please, post your question on the mailing list" anyway. They might even refer you to this FAQ entry.

There are a number of reasons for this. Messages on the list are stored, and thus benefit the whole project: the next user with your problem will be able to find the answer by searching the archives. Since the developers can volunteer only a limited time, they will employ it to help as many people as possible. This means giving priority to questions on the list (which help all the subscriber) rather than private emails (which only help the sender).

I'm interested in getting involved with the project. What should I do?
Please read our developer introduction. It lists a few ways in which you can help the project.

I'm having trouble building QuantLib.
Step-by-step instructions for building the library on different platforms are available here; make sure you're following them. If you still can't build the library, report the problem on the QuantLib mailing list.

I'm having trouble building/using QuantLibXL or QuantLibAddin.
The QuantLibAddin project has its own FAQ; you can find it at this link.

Why is feature X missing from QuantLib? It would be a very useful one.
Most likely, the developers didn't have a need for it or the time to develop it. If you're willing to give it a go, see above for instructions on how to contribute. If you don't or can't, try requesting it on the mailing list. This might give other developers a clue about its usefulness.

Does QuantLib support <insert favorite language/platform here>?
Not directly. Bindings for a few languages are available, though; see the extensions page.

Does QuantLib support FpML? Serialization?
No, and it probably won't. The subject has been discussed in the mailing lists years ago, but it never got any traction—and it might be better tackled as an external project.